Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's What They Called A Mongrel!!!!

You remember when there used to be sch a thing as a mongrel, or a mutt? A dog of very uncertain origin who could hold its head up and know it had street-cred. Well, they are now a very rare thing, and should be protected.
It started with the labradoodle, see this link for an example. Even the dog looks embarrassed.

Dog breeds used to have a purpose or function. That breed was for something, it worked, although, yes, in the case of the toy breeds that work involved looking cute and/or decorative. But they had some kind of purpose.

There is now a new thing. People have discovered that by giving their ’accidents’ (dog got out and mated with totally the wrong thing) breed names that they have invented, they can charge serious money for the puppies, rather than having to beg people to take them out of the goodness of their hearts.

I spot these in the pets for sale section of the local paper, and as I discover them I will share them with you.

To date:

JACKERANIAN (Jack Russell cross Pomeranian)

Jack Russell - Incredibly intelligent, needs attention and training, and remember, it’s a terrier. Bred to chase rats.
Pomeranian -Companion dog, small, cute, bred as a companion dog, more personality than size.
So what you will get is an incredibly cute small dog, with way much intelligence and all the stubborness of the terrier that will run rings around you. It will chase everything. dig up everything, protect you (its property) and be convinced it is twice the size it is.
No practical use, but an expert in training human beings.

SPRINGERDOR aka LABRADINGER (Springer Spaniel cross Labrador)(see Wikipedia Springerdor)

Springer Spaniel - Gundog, bred to flush out game, very boingy active dogs.
Labrador -Very laid back but intelligent dog, love affair with water and retrieving things.
Give it loads of exercise and plenty to chase and retrieve.
More useful than the Jackeranian, but may be a little confused since half of it is a laid back Labrador, and half of it has the word spaniel attached. You will note how the dog has the face of the Springer Spaniel and the coat of the Labrador and a bit of a gormless look to it.

Please note that pictures of all these "breeds" can be googled if you want more information. The original breeds can be googled, and appear in Wikipedia.


Blogger Amy said...

The Labradoodle was originally designed in Australia to help out the blind with allergies and since then the Goldendoodle has been developed to help out in the same way. These two 'designer breeds' that you are criticising have help hundreds of families obtain the service dog they never thought possible. Also the Labradoodle in the picture above is identical to a standard poodle without the breed standard haircut that makes them look silly.

7:19 pm  

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