Monday, January 18, 2010

Unexpected MS Side Effect

Here is the recipe for an unexpected MS side effect:
Take one person with MS who suffers spasms at night
Take one plush, cuddly cat who sleeps on the pillow next to the head of the PwMS (person with MS)
Take one day after which the PwMS is very tired

Sleep comfortably, facing the plush cat. Deep in the night, suffer a whole body spasm rather than just spasming legs (see MS Yes Project for example). This wakes and startles the cat before it wakes the PwMS. The cat skitters, wheeling its back legs and catches the forehead of the PwMS and scratches it. This wakes the PwMS.


This occurred Thursday 14th January 2010, in the middle of snowy and icy weather. Of all the injuries I could get in this weather, falls, broken bones, this is the only injury with a visible effect that I suffered.


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