Saturday, April 10, 2010

Random Rant

Just looked up Aleister Crowley. Typical case really. Middle class, parents had money, parents were Quakers, born in 1875 when everyone was rebelling against the Victorian way. The way of the Occult is the only way to go in those circumstances.
And Emos and Goths and kids into heavy metal think they invented rebellion. Crowley makes even Marilyn Manson look like he has nothing to say. And I respect Marilyn Manson's art, very deep lyrics.
Not that anyone should take Crowley as a role model. I think even the fairies turned this guy down (as in, off with the fairies).
Why the interest? Someone asked me what I know about spiritualism, so I looked it up on Wikipedia to get an idea (I did not know anything about spiritualism). Which leads to the Golden Dawn, and to Crowley, and it occurred to me that I knew nothing about Crowley, so I looked him up. And modern kids think they invented rebellion!


Blogger Paul Knight said...

I think Ozzy Osbourne did a song about Mr Crowley..
Why didn't you ask me what I knew about spiritualism, and why I have in my youth followed it and subsequently in my later years rejected all of this hocum and bunkum as a load of shite, it's main purpose of being is a great way for bearded fat blokes to get laid. You are right, the kids know nothing, but with the amount of Vampires, Zombies and Ware Wolves out there on TV and in the Movies, the kids may have an idea, but not the substance.

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