Monday, January 09, 2006

Richard Dawkins and the Root of All Evil

Hello all, felt the need to get on my soapbox. No video on this, just me ranting in words.

I have just finished watching the first episode of the programme The Root of All Evil, on British Channel 4, presented by Richard Dawkins. He argues that religion narrows the mind, and harms society. He has interviewed only extremists, and has not done all of his science homework.

My shock is as follows: this is the man of the Selfish Gene, ie the purpose of life is to create more life. And religion helps with this. Religion is about keeping the local community together and strong. The breakdown of the local community is a recent thing. As evolutionary psychologists would tell you, human behaviours have also evolved, to help propagate the DNA of the tribe/the family unit. This way, YOUR DNA is propagated.

Yes, religious extremists can cause a lot of harm, but Richard Dawkins of all people, should understand how this came about, and what it's evolutionary purpose is. I agree it can be wrong, but he really shouldn't be so surprised it happens. He is one of the people that told us that the only thing DNA wants is to create more DNA, preferably of itself. Why does he think culture does the things it does? I am shocked at the narrow mindedness of such a god of science, and very disappointed.

Thanks for reading. Alternative Kitten

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Alternative Kitten Philosophy 101 Episode Two

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Here it is, the second episode of Alternative Kitten philosophy 101 - my response to creationism.
At this point I must make my apologies to members of the Islamic and Judaic communities, as my argument is based on a Christian ethos. This is only because this is the one I am most familiar with. I also recognise the Muslim point that the Koran is not as interpreted by man, but directly dictated by God, which would invalidate part of my argument.

However, this is a vlog, a place where we all excercise our right to freedom of speech, so this is my pennorth/nickel's worth. I hope people will like it. Next time, hopefully something on human behaviour and communication, alternately something on social structures. Not sure yet.